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Football Trainers are of great importance in an organization. The football is the sign of the football club, the face. It is important that the trainer chooses a right club that suits his vision. We as an organization believe it is important for the trainer to match the vision of the club and also during the appointment, we continue to ensure continuity. A soccer coach for a long-term vision, and that comes across in our philosophy. Our core business is football coaches in a good coaching.

Footballer are a breed of their own. They are self employed with one tool: their body. That must be taken care of. Meanwhile all footballer want to play at the highest possible level.  That must be taken care of. Besides that a footballer wants to earn good money. That must be taken care of. On top of that a footballers wants to have as little as possible to worry about – he needs to fully focus on the sport. That must be taken care of.


But what if you’re a footballer? Where to go with your talent? Due to the whirlwind progression and professionalism, football has long exceeded its status as ‘just a game’. It’s a multi billion industry. And where the pitch is bordered by four clear white chalk lines and a game is in charge of the watchful eye of the referee and the sound of his whistle, has the world surrounding the beautiful game in recent years gained an increased complexity as well as a tarnished reputation.


Adnan Ibrahimovic is a players manager. He counsels, mediates and brokers everything. Yet he is a far cry from a typical players manager. This is due to three things: his personal background, his educational background and his football background.


Ibrahimovic is a former professional football player with a multi cultural background who became  private banker – therefore he has a solid understanding of all things that are of any relevance for a football player. From a corner kick to free cash flow, from midfield standard situations to mortgages, from the way to mark a man to meniscus injuries.  This makes  Ibrahimovic Sport Consultancy a so called ‘one stop shop’.


Noticing an off side situation is for him as easy as shaping a bonus system, he speaks with great comfort about a sudden loss of form as well as asset management and he knows the financial world by heart. Yet as an ex professional footballer,  Ibrahimovic is also familiar with the basics of physiology.


Ibrahimovic way of counseling is characterized by its very intensive and personal approach. He is keen on all the aspects that are of importance for a young athlete – the sport, business and the human side to it. Because counseling is very much like football itself. Nothing beats the sweet taste of triumph, but a real victory is always the fruit of teamwork.




Ibrahimovic Sport Consultancy
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2514 AA The Hague
the Netherlands

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